Sustainability is an important value for B&K Enterprises, as we recognize the critical need to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the construction industry. We continuously strive to become more efficient, finding eco-friendly ways to develop road safety infrastructure while ensuring maximum safety for all road users. Whether it be through sustainable materials or education for our workforce, we will continue to work towards a greener future.

Below are our areas of focus, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
As leaders in road safety infrastructure, we encourage the development and deployment of sustainable infrastructure. Better road safety infrastructure can lead to less pollution from idling vehicles and encourage alternative mobility options. We are always seeking innovative ways to make the roads safer and develop better infrastructure for the communities we serve.
Quality Training and Education
We encourage and support our employees to pursue professional training and further education, providing opportunities for employees to learn outside of directly related fields.
Decent Work and Economic Growth
As a people-first business, we offer employees good benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth, focusing on their health, safety and wellness. We are also a catalyst for economic growth in Western Pennsylvania, providing employment and business opportunities as a growing business.
Reduced Inequalities
As an organization, we are strong advocates for under-represented groups in the workplace and construction industry as a whole, with an emphasis on supporting and promoting women in construction. We strive to achieve an inclusive culture and improve representation in the regions in which we operate.
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