Temporary and Permanent Barrier

We Provide Temporary and Permanent Concrete and Steel Barrier for the Installation or Rent


What We Do

B&K Enterprises is the Mid-Atlantic’s most prolific installer of highway barrier devices including temporary construction barrier. We work year-round to ensure that road construction crews are protected from traffic hazards while performing work around various highways throughout the eastern United States. B&K Enterprises has traveling crews specially trained on how to install various types of barriers according to state and federal requirements. Using the latest technology, our crews carefully anchor this barrier to the roadway, ensuring greater protection for the workers behind it. Whether concrete jersey barrier, rigid steel barrier, temporary installation, permanent installation, or anything in between, B&K Enterprises can be relied upon to keep road construction crews safe.

With B&K Enterprises, clients can rely on our expertise to uphold the highest safety standards, ensuring that every barrier serves as a reliable shield, fortifying construction zones, and ensuring the well-being of those working tirelessly behind them.

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