Temporary and Permanent Concrete Barriers in Berks County, Pennsylvania

Project Type: Highway barrier

Contractor: Lehigh Valley Site Contractors Inc.

Location: Pennsylvania

In 2018, B&K Enterprises began work on a highway barrier project for Lehigh Valley Site Contractors Inc. The project was in Berks County, Pennsylvania on Route 78. Crews first installed temporary construction barrier and are now starting to remove it and install permanent concrete barriers along the roadway. Crews worked multiple weekend switches and installed and reset tens of thousands of feet of barrier wall in a short period of time.

Strategic coordination and precise project management were critical to the success of this project along Route 78 project in Berks County, Pennsylvania. With a strong focus on safety and efficiency, our crews seamlessly managed multiple weekend switches, displaying exceptional agility and commitment to project timelines.

As the project progresses and we transition from the initial installation of temporary concrete barriers to the implementation of permanent concrete barriers, our emphasis on precision and safety remains unwavering. The tireless efforts invested in installing miles of concrete barriers within a specific timeframe exemplify our team’s dedication to safety and expertise.

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