Temporary Concrete Barriers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Project Type: Highway barrier

Contractor: James D. Morrisey, Inc.

Location: Pennsylvania

In 2019, B&K Enterprises began work on this highway barrier project for James D. Morrisey, Inc. The project was located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on Route 309. Crew first installed temporary concrete barriers in 2019 and completed its removal and the installation of permanent concrete barriers in 2023.

The completion of the temporary concrete barriers’ removal and the subsequent installation of a permanent concrete barriers in 2023 marks a significant milestone for B&K Enterprises in its partnership with James D. Morrisey, Inc. on the Route 309 project in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our team’s meticulous approach and unwavering commitment to quality and safety have been instrumental in this successful transition.

Through precise coordination and adherence to stringent timelines, our crews ensured a seamless phase-out of the temporary concrete barriers, paving the way for the installation of permanent concrete barriers. This project signifies more than just the physical barriers erected; it embodies our dedication to enhancing road safety for the benefit of all commuters traversing Route 309. B&K Enterprises takes immense pride in contributing to the longevity and security of Pennsylvania’s roadways, ensuring safer travels for years to come.

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